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Worklogic EPS Completes Sale of Worklogic HR to Vensure

Bakersfield, CA - August 1, 2018 - Worklogic EPS, the Enterprise Productivity Suite for PEOs, has completed the sale of the Worklogic HR PEO, to Vensure.  The completion of this transaction allows the Worklogic EPS team to focus 100% on delivering a lightweight and powerful software solution for PEOs.

“With the sale of the Worklogic HR PEO to Vensure, we have now devoted all our time and effort to making Worklogic EPS the best possible software platform,” said Jeff Thorn, Chief Software Architect at Worklogic EPS. “Many PEOs have expressed the need for modern, cost-effective, industry-specific software options and continually note that Worklogic EPS is one of the most advanced solutions available.”  

“However, some were also concerned about choosing software from a company that also had a PEO. Now, with the transaction complete, that is no longer a concern.  Worklogic EPS gives PEOs affordable, easy to use software that delivers payroll, benefits, time tracking, onboarding, and self-service, along with case, pipeline and proposal management,” continued Thorn. “This is a PEO first solution, built from the ground up for the unique requirements that PEOs have.”

Many PEOs are looking for a change in software systems, one that brings value, scale, and ease of use altogether, and for those organizations, Worklogic EPS delivers.  To learn more about Worklogic EPS and to see a demo, go to or stop by booth 509/511 at the 2018 NAPEO Annual Conference and Marketplace.


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