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Saying "No" to Negativity

We’re all negative sometimes; negativity becomes a problem when it becomes a lifestyle.

Negativity is bad for individuals because: 

  • It makes things worse than they are.
  • It becomes a habit.
  • You get what you focus on.
  • It leads to one-down-man-ship.
  • It makes people despondent.
  • It kills innovation.
  • It promotes bad relationships.

Negativity is bad for organizations because it costs employers about $3 billion annually. Persistent negativity drains the energy out of everyone, causing a decrease in motivation, creativity, productivity, and happiness.

If you want to develop lifelong satisfaction, you should regularly engage in positive thinking about yourself, share your happiest events with others, and savor every positive experience in your life.

Remember, our thoughts and words create the world we live in.  Think and speak positively to help ensure your working world is a positive one.

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